Scaled scores for 2019 key stage 1 SATs published

The number of marks pupils needed in their key stage 1 tests to achieve the government’s “expected” score has been announced today.

To meet government expectations, pupils must achieve at least 100 in their scaled scores, which replaced ‘levels’ in 2016. But the number of marks this equates to differs between the maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling papers.

Scaled score templates published by the Department for Education today show pupils needed to score 34 out of 60 on their maths papers in order to achieve 100 in their scaled scores this year, down from 36 last year and 37 in 2016.

However, required marks in the other two papers have remained constant.

In reading, pupils needed a score of 25 out of 40 to reach the expected level, which has been unchanged since 2017 when it was raised from the original 22 marks.

In grammar, punctuation and spelling, pupils needed to score 24 out of 40. This has also remained the same since 2017, after it was lowered slightly from 25 out of 50 in the first year.

A scaled score between 100 and 115 shows the pupil has met the expected standard in the test. The lowest scaled score that can be awarded on a key stage 1 test is 85, and the highest score is 115. Pupils need to have a raw score of at least three marks to be awarded the minimum scaled score.

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