Scaled scores for 2017 key stage 2 SATs announced

Note (added July 10 2018): Here are the 2018 scaled scores for key stage 2 SATs.

The Department for Education has today released the marks pupils needed for the 2017 key stage 2 tests to achieve the government’s “expected” score.

The pdf document can be viewed below or downloaded directly from the Department for Education.

To meet government expectations, pupils must achieve 100 in their scaled scores. But this equates to different marks for each paper (maths; reading; grammar, punctuation and spelling) and can change each year.

Converting a pupil’s raw score to a scaled score simply requires looking up the raw score on the tables below, and reading across to the appropriate scaled score.

The marks required for 2017 on each of the key stage 2 SATs tests are:

– Maths: 57 out of 110 (down from 60 in 2016)

– Reading: 26 out of 50 (up from 21 in 2016)

– Grammar, punctuation and spelling: 36 out of 70 (down from 43 in 2016)

The scaled scores for key stage 1 tests were released last month.

Full results for KS2 are expected later this morning.


2017 scaled scores for key stage 2 maths SATs

2017 scaled scores for key stage 2 English reading SATs

2017 scaled scores for key stage 2 grammar, punctuation and spelling SATs

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  1. Ian Gibson

    i think this way of scoring is absolutely ludicrous and just there to bamboozle parents into thinking there child is doing well when in reality they are not, for example in Math the child gets a scaled score of 97 (out of 120) when in reality converting it into the raw score they have only got between 45 and 48 inclusive correct out of 110 which is less than 50% in real term exam results. VERY POOR WAY OF MARKING UP.

      • Well if he grew up to be a doctor in future and forgot a decimal point and for example gave 25ml of potent medication instead of 2.5ml the results would be a million times diabolical.What do you say?