Royal Albert Hall launches Victorian tour

The Royal Albert Hall has launched a new Victorian tour to boost learning in key stage 2 history and literacy.

In the “immersive history lesson”, pupils will join two characters from Victorian society as they tell stories of the era’s famous people and their achievements.

Topics covered on the tour and accompanying workshop include Nightingale and public health, Faraday and electricity, Brunel and architecture, Perkins and cloth dye and Dickens and literature.

Anthony Lynch, the hall’s tours manager, says the Victorian era will be brought to life for school pupils all over the country “so that they can immerse themselves in history like never before.

“Interactivity is key to engagement. We hope that by taking the lesson out of the traditional classroom setting, today’s young minds will relate to topics that are harder to identify with in a textbook. After all, Queen Victoria herself built the hall so what better setting to learn about and celebrate the era.”

Download information sheets and book tours at royalalberthall.com

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