Riot vans named by schoolchildren hit the West Midlands streets

Pupils across the West Midlands have taken part in a competition to name eight new riot vans in their local police force’s fleet.

‘Optimus Crime’, ‘Copzilla’, ‘Zeus’, ‘Proud to Protect’, ‘Kit’ and ‘Jupiter’ were six of the winning name suggestions from local primary school children, which will now be displayed on the flanks of West Midlands Police’s new cars. The last two vans are yet to be named.

Six schools took part in the competition, which was run as a way of building positive relationships with the youngest members of their community.

“Policing is extremely challenging these days, but that only makes it all the more important that we should invest our time with young people,” said sergeant Andrew Edwards. “We want to do our bit towards making a better tomorrow, and we’ll do so with the help of Optimus Crime and his friends.”

“I have been astounded by the creativity and energy shown by the schoolchildren, as well as the support provided by their teachers, who have worked hard with us to make this a rewarding experience,” he added.

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