Nicky Morgan will address the Association of School and College Leaders today. From what we’ve seen of the speech so far, we’re not expecting anything new. Here are her three main messages.

Educational underperformance is often focused in certain parts of England

“I don’t need to tell you that too many of those struggling schools are concentrated in certain parts of the country – many in our coastal towns and rural areas.

“Simply hoping for improvement isn’t enough, because these areas are not only underperforming, but they also lack the capacity and support that they need to improve.

“Quite simply that means – just by virtue of being born in one part of the country, a child is destined to receive a worse start in life.”

When it comes to running schools, heads are best

Why do we want all schools to become academies? Because we believe that the people best placed to lead schools are you – the heads.

“Why do we believe in multi academy trusts? Because we want the best leaders to extend their reach to as many schools as possible.

“Why have we stripped back the national curriculum? Because you know – better than we ever could – how best to inspire and engage your students.”

Council oversight of schools does not equal accountability

“Let’s dispense with this notion once and for all that somehow local authority control of schools led to democratic accountability.

“Let me honestly ask you, how many local elections in your patch have been fought over the quality of education? I don’t ever remember being on a doorstep and being quizzed on what my local authority was doing on local schools.”