Nick Gibb to take MPs’ school accountability questions

Nick Gibb will face questions from MPs about curriculum and assessment, teacher recruitment and retention and school accountability next week.

The schools minister will appear in front of the parliamentary education committee on Tuesday May 22 at 10am.

According to a committee spokesperson, the meeting will likely focus on what the government is doing to “promote social justice and narrow the attainment gap”. The committee is also likely to raise the effect of changes to the curriculum on schools.

MPs may also use the session to quiz Gibb on the government’s approach to grammar schools after Damian Hinds, the education secretary, made an announcement encouraging existing selective schools to expand.

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  1. Gerry P

    Please, please, don’t let this weasel off without challenging his “selective facts”. eg “We’ve never had more teacher in the profession”, which is indeed true. Only trouble is they are biased towards primary schools and not secondary which is haemorrhaging staff from positions of responsibility and front line teachers. I haven’t even mentioned the number of staff without the relevant degree in the subject they teach.

  2. I submitted a comment regarding the pay of UK teachers but it has strangely disappeared so I would like to comment again.It is no good praising what a great job teachers do if their salary demands are not being met.Again,it is sad that other countries pay UK teachers abroad a much better salary than their own native land.The situation will only get worse unless society really values the great job teacheers are doing every day in UK classrooms.Teachers from the UK are held in high esteem and are readily sought after by many countries across the world which really says it all.