NAHT to hear from Nicky Morgan and David Laws at annual conference

Nicky Morgan and David Laws will address, and be quizzed by, members of the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) today.

NAHT deputy general secretary Kathy James thinks union members will expect to hear answers to concerns about inspection and accountability, as well as funding, from the current education secretary and schools minister.

Mrs James also said she hopes Ms Morgan and Mr Laws will address the NAHT’s report, which found that schools in England were having to spend an extra £43.5 million a year to provide food and clothing to disadvantaged children.

She said: “That is bound to come up when our delegates ask them questions. We hope they will have seen and taken note of what is in the report.

“Pay and conditions is likely to be a subject that will be raised.

“The broader public is interested in what the parties have to say on education. We are on the eve of the election and we have not heard much from about education from any of the parties.”

Today, NAHT members will discuss motions such as setting up a body akin to an Office of Education Responsibility to guarantee future educational reforms are led by the teaching profession. They will also discuss academies and free schools, and suggests schools should work “in a collaborative structure” that offers “mutual support, accountability and development”.

A motion to campaign for the Disqualification by Association legislation to be repealed in relation to schools will also be put forward.

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