Morgan to be grilled by MPs over white paper academies plan

Gavin Williamson NASUWT Nicky Morgan

Education secretary Nicky Morgan will be grilled by MPs over her plans for education next month.

Ms Morgan will appear in front of the House of Commons education committee on Wednesday April 27 to answer questions about her educational excellence everywhere white paper, which was released last week.

Plans in the document to turn every state school in England into an academy by 2022 have come under fire from teaching unions and parents’ groups, with ongoing protests against forced academisation planned across the country.

Committee chair Neil Carmichael said he and colleagues were “determined” to take a close eye to the proposed education policies, and said the hearing would provide an early opportunity for MPs to “press the secretary of state on her plans for all schools become academies by 2022”.

He said: “We will also want to pick up on a number of other significant challenges to the success of our education system today, including issues relating to teacher supply, school leadership, and school funding.”

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  1. Forced academics action is simply wrong. The majority of primary schools are performing extremely well and do not wish to become academies. There is a feel of dictatorship about this government.

  2. Geraldine

    Nick Gibb was just on R4 saying academisation should happen because if it doesn’t there will be a two school systems: academies and LA schools and he said this is not a good thing. There are two holes in this argument, a two school system has existed for many decades; LA and private (the majority of government ministers seem to have done ok having been schooled through the latter) plus academies and LA schools have and can co-exist quite easily. If though we concur with Mr Gibb shall we ask him if the one school system should be academies and force Private schools to opt in as well?