One of the five Birmingham schools involved in the Trojan Horse scandal has decorated its corridors with a drama installation based on British values.

Year 7 pupils at Saltley Academy, formerly Saltley School, created the project with the help of Stan’s Café Theatre Company.

It shows eight scenes from British history, including the discovery of Guy Fawkes’ gun powder plot, the Suffragette movement and the golden jubilee in 2012.

In each scene St George metaphorically slays a dragon that threatens freedom and tolerance.

The installation is used as a teaching resource and shared with the rest of the school and parents, and children from neighbouring schools.

The academy’s head, Peter Weir, said: “We are confident that by challenging our students to create this installation we will stimulate deep learning around themes of British values.

“Working on this project is part of our strategy for making teaching and learning more engaging and for enriching our students’ cultural experience at school.”

Pic: A Saltley Academy student with one of the school’s new British values designs


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  1. Student at Saltley

    I, a student, am very happy and pleased to have taken part in this project! This installation has not only helped me boost my confidence but has also given me an understanding on the British values, something which I never fully understood and knew about before. I loved working and speaking about this to visitors who came to our school as I have enjoyed every part of it, whether it was using my knowledge on St. George’s Day and the events that changed this world or whether it was working as a team with my peers and the lovely staff from Stans Cafe.
    Thank you!!!!!