Girls’ school organises trip to NASA to get more pupils pursuing STEM careers

A group of pupils from Harris Girls’ Academy in Bromley have paid a visit to NASA on a trip encouraging more girls to pursue STEM careers.

The team of 28 travelled to Cape Canaveral in Florida, where they learned about the logistics of a space launch, climbed an anti-gravity wall and took a spin in a multi-axis trainer.

Pupils also had the chance to visit the Kennedy Space Centre and speak to Jon McBride, the veteran astronaut who piloted the Orbiter Challenger during an eight-day mission into space.

The trip was open to students from all year groups, and one year 11 pupil, Verity, said the “once-in-a-lifetime” trip had shown her “the fun in science.”

“We know that it is important, especially as an all-girls school, to offer these kinds of inspirational extracurricular experiences in the world of STEM,” explained David Astin, the school’s principal.

“We believe our students will be among the brilliant mathematicians, engineers and scientists of tomorrow.”

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