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  1. Mark Watson

    Agreed. It makes sense for Ofsted to be involved, checking facts, correcting mistakes etc. but it should not be seen as endorsing a private company’s products. This is especially important given Ofsted’s regulatory role, and the potential for schools to feel that buying that company’s curriculum packages might help it in its next inspection.

    That being said, it looks from the above that this wasn’t a ‘formal approval’ from Ofsted, but more likely an inexperienced individual who made a mistake.

    “Sure! I attach the logo.” isn’t exactly a formal agreement to licence the use of the logo in accordance with specified terms, which anyone with experience would have insisted on. I wouldn’t mind betting that (a) if the appropriate person in Ofsted had been involved it would have resulted in it being made clear the logo could not be used, and (b) some poor junior employee has had a very stern talking to.

  2. Louise

    There is a brand manager at Ofsted, I know because I’ve spoken to her before to ask about my marketing designs and were clear and helpful on what they allow with the logo. Its also on their website. It sounds like this was a mistake from someone else who maybe didnt know they were doing anything wrong.