Conservative manifesto: The full list of schools policies

The prime minister Theresa May has launched her party’s manifesto in West Yorkshire.

Here are the Conservatives’ policies for schools.

More good school places

1. Build 100 free schools a year

2. Prohibit councils from creating any new places in schools that have been rated either ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ by Ofsted

3. Universities that charge maximum fees must sponsor free schools or academies

4. New funding to open a specialist maths school in every major city in England

5. Replace unfair and ineffective inclusivity rules preventing establishment of new Roman Catholic schools

6. At least 100 independent schools to sponsor academies or found state schools, keeping option of changing the tax status if progress not made

7. Lift ban on selective schools – with conditions such as allowing pupils to join at others than 11

8. Review school admissions policy


Knowledge-rich curriculum

9. Expect every 11-year-old to know times table off by heart

10. Improve schools’ accountability at key stage 3

11. Expect 75 per cent of pupils to have entered EBacc by end of next parliament, with 90 per cent by 2025

12. Curriculum fund to encourage Britain’s leading cultural and scientific institutions develop knowledge-rich materials

13. Consider how Ofsted can give parents more information on what their children are being taught


Supporting teachers

14. Continue bursaries to attract top graduates into teaching

15. Forgiveness on student loan repayments while they are teaching

16. Create a single jobs portal


Fairer funding

17. Make sure no school has budget cut as part of new funding formula

18. Increase overall schools budget by £4 bilion by 2022

19. Continue to protect pupil premium

20. Scrap universal infant free school meals

21. Primary schools in England will offer a free school breakfast to all pupils


Schools policies listed elsewhere in manifesto

22. Create a new ‘schools map’ to help parents choose a school that is right for their child – key information about quality of teaching, attainment and curriculum

23. Work with schools to make sure those with intakes from one predominant racial, cultural or religious background teach British values

24. Funding to help primary schools develop nurseries

25. Introduce presumption all new primary schools should include a nursery

26. Allow maintained nurseries to take on ‘academy freedoms’, and join multi-academy trusts

27. Introduce mental health first aid training for teachers in every school

28. Review support for children in need to understand why their outcomes are so poor

29. Ensure TAs can become qualified teachers through an apprenticeship route

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One comment

  1. Peter Porter

    I think the Tories have destroyed education, demoralised teachers, screwed over a whole generation of children going through under Gove’s personal vision of what school should be based on some bizarre Victorian ideology he’s made up in his strange little mind.