• Loic Menzies

    Director, Centre for Education and Youth (formerly LKMCo)

    “It’s about getting under the skin of things”

  • Sharon Hague

    senior vice-president, Pearson

    “The more I got involved in exams, the more fascinating I found it”

  • Rachel Snape

    Headteacher, The Spinney Primary School

    “Once you get people motivated around an idea, it just happens.”

  • Damian Hinds

    Former education secretary

    “I would have been more than happy to continue serving”

  • Michael Pain

    Chief executive, Forum Strategy

    “I'm passionate about academy trusts”

  • Simon Connell

    Chief Executive, Baker Dearing Trust

    “I want people to talk about UTCs like the Russell Group”

  • Rachel Wolf

    Founder of New Schools Network and co-creator of Parents and Teachers for Excellence

    “I find the lack of instinctive trust in parents quite irritating”

  • Claire Cuthbert

    Chief executive of the Evolve Trust

    “We could call on each other's help and expertise”

  • Amarjit Cheema

    Chief executive of the Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust

    “Leadership is about getting people on side”

  • “We can give a clear career pathway into STEM ”

  • The school leading on careers education

    St Peter's Catholic Voluntary Academy

    “Everyone knows they've got to talk about employability”