• Beccy Earnshaw

    Director, Voice 21

    “I'm conscious of the insurgency of the unheard”

  • The edtech start-up MAT

    XP multi-academy trust

    “If you say Doncaster is a dump, why?”

  • Ian Bauckham

    CEO, Tenax Schools Trust

    “What does ‘too close to government’ mean?”

  • CEO pay debate

    MAT CEO pay debate

    “Using the words chief executive can be unhelpful”

  • Navdeep Sanghara

    Executive headteacher, Inspire Partnership

    “Education is important, but learning is a gift”

  • Shanghai teacher exchange

    Salusbury Primary School

    “There’s strong evidence for this approach”

  • Behaviour debate

    No excuses v nurture

    “Our staff sweat the small stuff”

  • Clive Webster

    Chief executive, Kent Catholic Schools Partnership

    “It’s sad that it’s still unusual to see a black headteacher”

  • “Kids don't come in and shout about their problems”

  • Colin Diamond

    Professor of educational leadership, University of Birmingham

    “We know state schools in Birmingham are now safer”

  • “You put on your big girl pants and get on with it”