• Jeffery Quaye

    national director of education and standards, Aspirations Academies Trust

    “It’s going to take about 130 years to have any meaningful BAME representation”

  • Matt Rooney

    principal, St Giles School

    “We will never waste a second. We are life givers here ”

  • Liz Robinson

    co-director, Big Education Trust

    “I was on posters, I ended up in a magazine. It was bizarre”

  • Stephen Chamberlain

    CEO, The Active Learning Trust

    “Music and art have the power to transform schools and communities”

  • Vicky Ford

    Children and families minister

    “I have a constant reminder of children who have experienced trauma”

  • Kate Green

    Shadow education secretary

    “I don't like stupid policy, so I got annoyed and started asking questions”

  • “If you go to a sixth form, you will undoubtedly get a good education. But here you are immersed in maths all the time”

  • 'It’s about explaining, this is the law'

    The schools training the north-west on the new RSE curriculum

    “'As a PSHE lead, you get bombarded with emails'”

  • 'Give us both barrels'

    The schools asking for Ofsted to inspect them now

    “I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to have a section 5 inspection”

  • Andy Hargreaves

    professor of education, writer and policy adviser

    “If you've made a mistake, learn from it together rather than dropping policy bombs from a great height ”

  • T'Challa Greaves

    lead practitioner for science, Meridian High School

    “Every school I’ve worked for in 18 years, there’s been no one BAME on SLT”

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