• Hilary Spencer

    CEO, Ambition Institute

    “Most organisations go through a phase where they retrench a bit”

  • “What makes a real expert is their curiosity. That’s what we’re teaching here.”

  • Dr Kate Chhatwal

    CEO, Challenge Partners and vice chair, Leading Women's Alliance

    “We’re not drawing from the whole pool because of prejudice”

  • Jeremy Hannay

    headteacher, Three Bridges Primary School

    “I knew that a better way was possible.”

  • Ava Sturridge-Packer

    school improvement advisor and DfE recruitment and retention advisor

    “I'm shocked how lucky I've been”

  • Micon Metcalfe

    Chief operating officer, Inspiration Trust

    “I’m committed because I know some children got really raw deals”

  • The Climate Change Debate

    Should schools respond to the climate emergency, and how?

    “The curriculum is for knowledge. Issues don’t drive the curriculum.”

  • Marie Gentles

    Headteacher, Hawkswood primary PRU, Chingford, Essex

    “I’d never even heard of a PRU, but I decided to give it a go”

  • Nadia Paczuska

    Headteacher, Phoenix St Peter primary academy

    “In the first couple of years you’re a hero. After that it’s your problem”

  • Andy Buck

    author, speaker, trainer and coach

    “I’m not a Teach First, change-the-world type”

  • Loic Menzies

    Director, Centre for Education and Youth (formerly LKMCo)

    “It’s about getting under the skin of things”