• “We know where to scoop the other one up”

  • The debate

    Can schools still make savings?

    “If we want the best professional workforce, we have to pay them proper money”

  • Anne Heavey

    National director, Whole School SEND

    “Why haven’t we prioritised getting the school estate accessible?”

  • The school giving pupils stolen bikes

    Churchill Community College

    “A child's view of the world is limited to the street they live in”

  • The debate

    Should Ofsted be abolished?

    “Ofsted cannot look at curriculum without looking at pedagogy”

  • Frank Norris

    Director, Co-op Academies Trust

    “You don’t need to pay £450,000 to get a new CEO”

  • The school using tech over TAs

    Shireland Collegiate Academy

    “If it’s really spectacular every kid should experience it”

  • The debate

    Exclusions: are there too many or too few?

    “It’s like arguing that if we had more people in prison we’d have a better society”

  • The Interview

    Ed Vainker, executive principal, Reach Feltham

    “In the last 18 months we have handed back two EHCPs”

  • Michael Merrick

    Deputy head, St Cuthbert’s Catholic Community School

    “There is no magic bullet. It’s just grinding it out and trying to be decent”

  • Paul Luxmoore

    CEO, Coastal Academies Trust

    “That’s why I’m in Thanet, I’m a bloody missionary!”