Bethnal Green students meet the Hadron Collider in nuclear physics trip

A-level physics students from Bethnal Green Academy came face-to-face with the world-famous Hadron Collider in a recent trip to Geneva.

The event took place at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research which is home to the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

Students were treated to a tour of the facilities and attended a lecture from Professor Madjid Boutemeur, one of the world-renowned professors working at the laboratory, before getting the opportunity to construct their own particle detectors using dry ice and fish tanks.

The trip was part of Bethnal Green Academy’s annual Summer of Learning Festival, where pupils can take part in enrichment activities to assist with their learning.

In previous years, students have travelled to the likes of Pompeii, an archaeological site in southern Italy, and Seville, in Spain, with academic grades soaring as a result. Following the Latin trip to Pompeii in 2015, 94% of students achieved A*-A grades in the subject, the school said.

Julie Cordice, director of marketing, communications and external affairs at Bethnal Green, added: “By the end of the Geneva trip the Year 11 students were very grateful to have been a part of this unique opportunity and incredibly excited about staying on at the academy to study A level Physics.”

She added that 19 pupils have now registered their interest in taking up physics in the coming academic year.

“For the students it’s about understanding what they’re learning about and seeing it in action. It shows where their learning can take them and raises aspirations and ambitions.”

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