A web platform that allows pupils to report instances of bullying anonymously has been launched in the UK.

The Speak UP! app already operates across schools in Sweden, where it was first launched, and the US, where it can be accessed by more than 15,000 students across 24 schools.

Headteachers in the UK can now adopt it for primary and secondary schools as well as sixth-form colleges and universities.

Students can send reports direct to a school’s central dashboard from their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, allowing counsellors and staff to review and respond in real-time.

Speak UP! also allows the user to report the location, time and type of bullying and to support their report with a picture or video. They can also upload screenshots of any unpleasant text or social media messages.

Tobias Wernius, global development manager of Speak UP!, said: “The goal of Speak UP! is to give students all over the world a voice, and with parents and schools they learn to battle this global epidemic.”

Visit www.gospeakup.com/ to download the app.

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