Students and teachers at Hanham Woods Academy in Bristol were happy to have their hair pulled out recently.

It may sound extreme, but it was all in a good cause as they were taking part in a leg waxing event to raise funds for an expedition to Cambodia.

The event was organised by Stanley Hill, a year 11 student who, with principal Philip Bevan, volunteered to have his legs partially waxed by students in the Cambodia team.

Sixteen students from years 10, 11 and 12 will go to various locations across Cambodia next year to help with community projects such as building new classrooms for local schools.

Ian Harris, the higher learning teaching assistant for post-16 and trip organiser, said: “This is an amazing opportunity for our students.

“They develop so many skills during the fundraising process and get to a make a real difference to the lives of people who are less fortunate.

“No doubt this trip will be a life changing event and something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

Pic: Year 11 student Stanley Hill front left and Hanham Woods principal, Philip Bevan front right having their legs waxed by the Cambodia expedition team

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