IVF baby Lara to take up medicine place at King’s College London

IVF baby Lara to take up medicine place at King's College London

Lara McNeill is going to King’s College London to study medicine after achieving A*s in Biology, Chemistry and a B in History at Ark 6th Form East Sussex.

Lara, who was an IVF baby, has a passion for helping people which has driven her to secure a place to study medicine at King’s College London.

She says: “I wanted a career that would challenge me and push me beyond my comfort zone. Medicine is definitely that kind of career – there is so much responsibility, it’s literally a case of life or death.

“I really want to go into paediatrics. I was an IVF baby and that’s given me an appreciation of how paediatrics can help people fulfil their dreams of becoming a parent.”

Lara has already done work experience at Conquest Hospital, volunteered at the local St Michael’s Hospice in St Leonard’s and worked with the Nuffield Trust, a healthcare policy think-tank.

Having secured an offer from King’s College London, Lara started to consider how she was going to fund her course: “I was really worried about money because London is so expensive. I’ll get a student loan, but that won’t cover the cost of studying in London, especially since my course is five years and there are a lot of really expensive textbooks.”

Lara was awarded a Marshall Wace bursary, an annual programme that helps 40 Ark students heading to universities who might not otherwise be able to afford higher education.

“Getting the bursary is a huge weight off my shoulders,” Lara said. “It means that I don’t have to worry as much about money and I can get on with studying and doing the best I can at university.”