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A-level results 2016: How can teachers help during UCAS clearing?

A-level results day can be traumatic for students who miss their university offer grades – but what can teachers do to help?

It can be devastating if pupils you’ve worked with for years miss the grades they need to take their university place.

UCAS Clearing can help students find a place despite their lower grades.

Last week, UCAS put out some statistics on the process, designed to ease young people’s fears about the process. It said that more than 64,000 students got places at university through clearing last year – the equivalent of one in eight people on full-time university courses.

The admissions service said more than 30,000 courses had vacancies last summer and almost half of those using clearing last year were placed by the Monday after results day.

But the process can still feel very complicated and daunting.

Some students are confident enough to handle it on their own. Others have knowledgeable family to help. But some don’t have confidence or a supportive family.

In those cases, teachers find themselves stepping in. Trying to help, but not sure what to do, especially if they are new to the process. (Here’s looking at you NQTs).

This graphic is for you. We hope it is helpful.




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