Year 7 crowned fastest prep school pupil in the UK

A Wellingborough School pupil has set a new 200m record at the national preparatory schools athletics finals.

Etienne Maughan (centre), a year 7 pupil at the Northamptonshire school, won both the 100m and 200m, breaking the 200m record with a time of 27 seconds, making her the fastest girl of her age group across the UK’s prep schools.

Fellow year 7 pupil Polly Ross (right) took fourth place in the shotput, while year 6 pupil Lucas Brazier (left) came sixth in the 800m event.

Sue Knox, Wellingborough’s head, praised the pupils’ achievements. “We are incredibly proud of the pupils who took part, and they should be proud of their own achievements too.

“Etienne’s achievement of double gold and a new national record is incredibly impressive, and we are sure this is just the beginning of a successful career in athletics.”

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