Union calls on schools to boycott baseline checks and urges Morgan to cancel primary tests

Schools are being urged to boycott baseline testing of reception children this September while the National Union of Teachers executive considers a ballot for a wider boycott of all primary testing in 2017.

The NUT’s annual conference in Brighton has passed a motion calling on schools not to complete baseline tests for reception children this autumn, and calling on education secretary Nicky Morgan to cancel this summer’s primary school national tests, or at least “not to rely on the data” if still going ahead.

The union’s executive also said a boycott of all key stage 1 and 2 testing may be needed, and has agreed to “consider” a ballot for a boycott of the summer 2017 tests “as part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of the risks of testing”.

The NUT has also pledged to work with other bodies opposed to testing to mount such a campaign.

Members of the NUT have already made their opposition to testing well-known. In a survey of primary teachers conducted by the union, 86 per cent of respondents said they were in favour of scrapping new primary tests.

Teachers have complained that new tests are too hard and not age-appropriate for pupils, while a lack of clarity over the future of baseline tests is also a concern.

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  1. Mark Guy

    These tests should be totally abandoned.

    Our pupils need nurturing not abusing. Lets be frank, these tests are state sponsored abuse. Unfit for the declared purposes.
    In my view, apparently Designed to destroy the general populations future prospects….. Destruction of a childs excitement in learning… Self belief…. Prospects of self improvement…. If you are convinced you are stupid… You give up trying .
    They are designed to reduce the next generation to wage slaves…. Serfs. Indentured servitude..

    This is my worry, my concern… My belief.

    I am sure many have not considered WHY THESE TESTS ARE IMPOSED.
    One thing is for sure…. They are not intended to raise educational standards.. They may just be a way of diverting public funds… But surely th3re must be more to it than the obvious…