A toolkit designed to support newly arrived migrant parents put their children through the UK school system has been launched by academics at Middlesex University.

The resource is aimed at schools, local authorities and organisations working with migrant families, and highlights the “many differences” that migrant parents will have to adapt to.

This includes earlier school start times, informal lessons, children being placed in classes according to age not attainment, and a ban on physical punishment.

Professor Louise Ryan, lead author of the toolkit, says: “UK parents often find it stressful finding school places for their children so for migrant families, whose first language is not English, the experience can be very daunting.

“It’s essential that all children settle into school as seamlessly as possible, so we hope that our guide will help migrant parents adapt to a new life and get the best start for their children.”

Parents can also use the resource directly. Go to: https://mdxmigration.wordpress.com/migrantschools/.


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