The Schools Commissioner Frank Green has written a letter


He’s pretty determined that you put it up in your school, or at least send it to your staff over the interweb.




In it, he mostly says that academies are excellent (after he’s finished telling you how good his regional schools commissioners are).




He even includes some handy graphs to back up his point about academies.



Mmm, graphs.



But Mr Green is worried about the number of sponsors coming forward (i.e. not enough).


But he doesn’t give a new solution to this problem, he just explains how sponsors work and how there is encouragement for schools to get into groups, and then says goodbye.



We asked the Department for Education what the purpose of the letter was. They said:

“Schools Commissioner Frank Green has written to academies to update them on the work of the Regional Schools Commissioners to date. Headteachers are encouraged to share this letter with their staff at their discretion.”

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