• Hammond’s ‘little extras’ may not go directly to schools

    Academy trusts will be able to pool the money their schools are awarded from the £400 million “little extras” pot and dish it out as they deem appropriate, Schools Week understands. Philip Hammond, the chancellor, pledged the in-year bonus during last week’s budget, suggesting the money could be spent on computers or whiteboards. He said

    7.00 Nov. 9th, 2018 | News

  • Rescue schools tied to 'toxic' PFI contracts, Hammond told

    The government will no longer use private financial initiatives (PFI) to fund future school-building projects – but is facing criticism for failing to help those schools still tied into “toxic” contracts. Chancellor Philip Hammond announced on Monday the government won’t sign off any new PFI deals, claiming the model was “inflexible and overly complex”. It

    7.00 Nov. 3rd, 2018 | News

  • Man up, Hammond, and show your face to the cameras

    I wrote a grumpy thing this week. Twice a year, when the Chancellor announces their budgets in the Commons, Schools Week’s designer and I huddle around a screen to select which photograph will go on the front. In previous years we had lots of choices. George Osborne may not have been a charismatic man, but

    5.00 Nov. 25th, 2016 | Opinion