• Coronavirus: AET to spend £2m on laptops as others call for tech donations

    One of England’s largest academy trusts has said it will spend £2 million on laptops to help poorer pupils access digital learning. However, the plan by the Academies Enterprise Trust, which will involve live-streamed lessons for some pupils, could set the chain at-odds with unions, which have warned that their members cannot be expected to

    12.04 Mar. 30th, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: Schools told to review child protection policies

    Schools have been told to review their child protection policies and warned they may have to rely on other schools’ safeguarding leads in response to the coronavirus outbreak. New guidance on safeguarding during COVID-19 has been issued by the Department for Education. It comes as schools are grappling with a new way of working, providing

    10.43 Mar. 30th, 2020 | News

  • Primary school headteacher dies after having coronavirus symptoms

    Tributes have been paid to an “incredible” primary school headteacher who died after being diagnosed with coronavirus. Wendy Jacobs, head of Roose Community Primary School, in Cumbria, passed away on Sunday. She had tested positive for coronavirus and had been in intensive care in hospital. In a statement released to national newspapers, Jacobs’ family said: “On

    15.09 Mar. 23rd, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: Special school leaders should make decision about pupils attending

    Heads at special schools should make decisions about whether their pupils should attend school on a “case by case” basis, according to the government. Some of these schools, which have highly vulnerable pupils, were already beginning to close earlier this week after Monday’s guidance around social distancing for the vulnerable and dwindling staff numbers. However,

    11.37 Mar. 19th, 2020 | News

  • Coronavirus: What do schools need to know?

    Public Health England has published guidance for schools and other educational settings about how they should respond to COVID-19, or “coronavirus”. According to the agency, the guidance is not new, and is likely to be made up of things schools already know, but it brings together all of their advice in one place for the

    11.44 Feb. 18th, 2020 | News