Syria Schoolgirls: Morgan writes to Principal of Bethnal Green Academy

Education secretary Nicky Morgan has offered hopes and prayers for the “safe return” of three girls believed to have fled to Syria to join Islamic State (IS).

In a letter to Bethnal Green Academy, which the three girls attended before they left Britain, Ms Morgan thanked the Principal, Mark Keary, for reassurances made over the weekend to parents and pupils.

She wrote: “I know this must be a difficult time for everyone involved with Bethnal Green Academy, but I understand from conversations with the Regional School Commissioner Tim Coulson that your communications with parents and pupils have been clear and effective, and that you feel confident that everything possible is being done to keep pupils safe.

“While we hope and pray for the safe return of the pupils in question, we also think of their friends and acquaintances at the school who will no doubt struggle to come to terms with the events of recent days.”

Ms Morgan asked the school to contact officials if any further support was required.

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