Leading online learning provider, The Skills Network (TSN), has today announced that it will permanently offer its learning platform for free to schools, in order to help accelerate a quality benchmark within the education industry.

TSN’s learning management system and course authoring tool, EQUAL, will now be available to any school or organisation across the globe as a free solution, providing organisations with the ability to create their own blended or online learning content at no charge.

TSN was one of the 20 volunteer providers involved in Ofsted’s recent online education review. The organisation is keen for other providers to benefit from use of its learning technology.

EQUAL is now available to any school at no cost and will enable organisations to:

  • Create blended or fully online courses
  • Publish online learning content for remote study, blended sessions or training programmes
  • Engage students with videos, gamification, quizzes and interactive learning features
  • Track, manage and report on students’ every interaction
  • Use pre-built modules for multiple different assessment types
  • Create online certifications for any of the online courses developed.

TSN currently has 300 customers across 30 countries and one million users on its system. The company believes that this strategic move will help to create an even larger community of organisations utilising online learning.

Executive Director, James Earl, said: “The last few months has been a major challenge for any organisation, in many cases doing what they have to in order to transfer their learning online quickly to stay operational. What has taken years for us to perfect, others have had to do in days. I think that the world of e-learning has transformed, and the sector has jumped ahead years in its adoption of online systems in a matter of months.

That is why by giving our system and authoring tool away, we feel we can create a new benchmark of quality in the industry, creating a truly collaborative environment for everyone to benefit from and ultimately improve online learning experiences for students which can be robustly monitored and assessed.”

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For more information on TSN’s offer, go to www.theskillsnetwork.com/free-lms.

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