“Schools should glamourise oral sex”

Teachers have been told they should consider “glamourising” oral sex and mutual masturbation as ways of cutting teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infection rates among pupils.

Political campaigner and Green Party activist Peter Tatchell told the Education Festival today: “In this age of high concern about sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies and abortions, it might be a good idea to think about schools promoting safer alternatives to sexual intercourse, like mutual masturbation and oral sex.

“It’s not about encouraging them, it’s about saying if you are going to, then think about these alternatives. They have a lower risk of STIs and of course no risk of unwanted pregnancy. If we are really concerned about cutting the rates then we ought to perhaps glamourise these alternatives to show young people they can be equally fulfilling as sexual intercourse.”

He added the fact so many men leave school without a real understanding of the female anatomy and their pleasure zones “ought to be a concern for the education system.”

“Because sexual education is so weak many young people say their first sexual experiences are unsatisfactory and leaves them feeling regret,” he said.

“That’s a damning indictment of the school system.”

He added: “I’m horrified most schools don’t discuss pornography when we know that most youngsters look at it, from a young age.”

He also said sexual fulfillment helps sustain longevity in relationships, adding “teaching young people about how to have good quality sex and relationships should be a part of the system. It should be in the curriculum from primary school level right the way through.”

He  added it’s vital to educate children about emotional and sexual fulfillment.

He said there are three principles around teaching sex – mutual consent, respect and fulfillment.

“It’s important we empower pupils to make sensible decisions. Important they have access to contraception, condoms and abortion.”

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  1. Trevor Burton

    Peter Tatchell hits the nail on the head. Why haven’t schools been doing this before now? It is surely what every parent wants.

    Fortunately, the government is there before him with a new specification GCSE …

    In line with the new more rigorous GCSE requirements, this will be 100% assessed through a 3 hour examination paper, first examined in 2018, and with no controlled assessment so that teachers cannot cheat on coursework. As with Science, practical work will be encouraged and assessed by teachers, but this mark will not count towards the overall grade, which will be on the new 1-9 scale. It is expected that Sex GCSE will become one of the new “facilitating subjects” that will help students to succeed with applications to Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities.

    One difficulty with the new course is that sex education has been so appalling in the past, that the examination boards worry they may not be able to recruit sufficient qualified and experienced examiners. Insider reports suggest they are thinking of paying university students the minimum wage to mark the scripts.