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Ahead of the first edition of Schools Week, a newspaper about primary and secondary education in all schools, editor Nick Linford introduces the researchED souvenir edition

Fish out of water usually can’t breathe, but visiting researchED was like inhaling pure fresh air.

This was the first time I’ve been to a research conference or a teacher’s conference, but it seemed extraordinary to me that so many people were giving up
their Saturday.

As someone who has run my own training conferences at the weekend, I know how difficult it can be to get people turning up – and yet, there I was, in Raine’s Foundation School, surrounded by
speakers, researchers, policymakers and curious teachers.

The vibe was unrelentingly positive. It really was a testament to the schools’ sector.

Our reporting aim for the day was to share the experience with as many stakeholders across the community as possible.

That’s why we brought a photographer, plus had a reporter live-tweeting, and writing up stories of the day (see page 9).

Back at the office on Monday it made sense that we create a souvenir edition to capture those memories and – more importantly – the ideas shared. However, we’ve managed to report on only a fraction of the 100 or so events during the day.

On page 3 you will find an interview with researchED Director, Tom Bennett, who has reduced his teaching timetable to pursue taking researchED to a wider audience.

There is also recognition for Hélène Galdin-O’Shea, the organisational power behind the throne.

Pages 4 and 5 give news round-ups of key talks, followed closely by a double-page spread of the speeches from Tristram Hunt and Nick Gibb.

Page 8 and 9 features teacher-blogger Andrew Old and his “absolutely terrifying” on-stage interview with two Ofsted directors.

Voices from across the conference are on pages 10 and 11, including Kev Bartle’s “confessional” in which he promises that he didn’t eat Tom Bennett’s pizza. (Or did he?)

Our “Hello!” spread on pages 12 and 13 includes pictures from across the conference, including the near-legendary photograph of Sam Freedman and Jonathan Simons. Who not only offered to have the photo taken, but did so with characteristic self-deprecation.

Finally, we’re taking the opportunity on pages 14 and 15 to introduce ourselves ahead of the first edition next week. We are keen for feedback and contributions, so now you know where to find us.

Any future researchED conferences I attend will undoubtedly have a high bar to reach. Though if we can swing a free ticket to New York (hint, hint) then I’m sure it will more than manage it!

Nick Linford, editor

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