Removal of iGCSEs from league tables prompts surge in English GCSE entries

The removal of iGCSEs from league tables has boosted the number of entries into English language and literature GCSEs by around 50 per cent, new figures show.

Ofqual has today published the summer 2017 GCSE and A-level entry figures.

The reveal the number of entries into English language GCSEs rose from 459,750 in 2016, to 701,000 this year – a rise of 52 per cent.

Meanwhile entries into English literature also rocketed, up from 371,700 in 2016, to 551,050 this year, a rise of 48 per cent.

The overall entry into GCSEs rose by three per cent this year.

Ofqual stated the rise in English GCSEs was down to the removal of iGCSEs from league tables, which “encouraged centres” to move back to GCSEs.

The way in which the new Progress 8 measures are calculated also explains the take-up in English literature, the report stated. (Where pupils have taken both English GCSEs, schools use the highest grade each student achieves and this is then double weighted).

The report shows the surge in English GCSEs has also driven a nine per cent rise in the number of EBacc entries this year.

The only other EBacc subject to see a significant rise was computing. Entries rose by 9 per cent this year.

Meanwhile entries to science GCSEs dropped by 26 per cent. The report stated this was down to year 10 students “generally not taking it in the numbers seen in previous years” and waiting until 2018 for the reforming qualifications.

Entries to German also dropped (12 per cent), and French (10 per cent).

iGCSEs were dropped from league tables in 2014.

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