Pupils’ views sought for the first time as Ofqual looks at future of marking reviews and appeals

Pupils’ views are being specifically sought by Ofqual for the first time in the regulator’s history as it consults on the future of marking reviews and appeals.

The watchdog will write to headteachers in 6,500 schools on Monday to ask for their help in recruiting pupils to take a short survey on marking, with a chance to win an iPad.

It is the first time Ofqual has specifically sought the views of young people, and follows the launch of a consultation on how Ofqual deals with reviews of and appeals against the marks awarded by exam boards, commissioned in response to a sharp rise in the number of enquiries about GCSE and A-level exam grades.

Teachers, schools leaders and other members of the teaching workforce have already been asked for their views as part of the wider consultation, but Ofqual is hoping to collect pupils’ views specifically, and has launched a video and Vine post to explain the process to young people.

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