A “hands-on” system for teaching science is being rolled out to primary schools across the country.

The Empiribox Primary Science Trust package says that it provides all the “essential” science teaching components for key stage 2 pupils.

It includes equipment and materials for conducting 280 experiments over four years, regular face-to-face teacher training and mentoring, lesson planning and documentation.

This month’s national launch follows trials in more than 50 schools, including academy chains such as Ark and Academies Enterprise Trust.

Jennifer Iwantschak, a year 6 teacher at Ark Globe Academy in London, was observed in a science lesson during an Ofsted visit while using the Empiribox system.

“Not only was it clear that the students had knowledge, but they were also able to explain what they were doing to the inspectors who were amazed by the experimental and investigative skills the children had.”

The system costs less than £40 per pupil, per year.

Visit empiribox.org to register your school.

Pic: An Ark Tindall Primary pupil using a balloon car from Empiribox in a science lesson

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I looked up the website and it seems that they provide the teachers with full training, even if we are not scientifically minded. This has to be the key to success; not just teaching science facts, but instead teaching the scientific method.