It is our first birthday this week and – in typical bank-holiday style – much of England is due to experience a bit of a washout.

So to ease you back into school mode, and distract from gathering grey clouds, here’s our ‘Top 10’ most-read expert articles so far.

Have a glance through these to remind yourself of the issues schools are facing, and the questions yet to be answered.

1. Reducing teacher workload? The answer is simple….


2. Why Morgan’s plan to fire ‘coasting heads’ relies on imaginary people


3. My school put in an email curfew and has reaped the benefits


4. ‘Hidden’ leadership happens all across schools – how do you find it?


5. Are we really ready for a more rigorous maths GCSE?


6. Can you leave school the minute you turn 16? (The answer may surprise you)


7. How unsustainable workloads are destroying the quality of teaching


8. “If I were education secretary” – Carol Dweck outlines her vision of a perfect future


9. With GCSE resits vanishing, are functional skills a better option for some pupils? 


10. Have pupil premium. Can spend. But, on what?



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