Ofsted releases biographies of all of its HMIs

Ofsted has released an online catalogue of all its HMIs (Her Majesty’s Inspectors).

The inspectorate yesterday published an 82-page document profiling each HMI from every sector – education, early years, further education and skills, and social care.

The “pen portraits” include whether the HMI has been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and their career history.

For example, it explains that HMI Elizabeth Farr is a qualified teacher and has “extensive” senior leadership experience in schools, including headship.

Ms Farr has expertise in subjects such as mathematics, literacy, music and governance and has been a National Leader for Education and chaired an interim executive board.

Patrick Geraghty, the document says, was appointed as an HMI nine years ago and “regularly” leads school and college inspections.

He has previously held senior management positions in schools and in a further education institution. A qualified teacher, his “specialist academic areas of study include history, the social sciences, English and drama”.

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  1. Ben Gibbs

    It is news when one compares it to the list of AIs from before the ‘purge’. If a school had cause for concern about its AI-led inspection over the last few years, and their AIs have recently not made the cut, then they may have a case to ask serious questions about the quality of the Ofsted subcontractors who cast judgement.