Ofqual launches further consultation on new GCSE English language spoken exams

Ofqual has launched a consultation on how the spoken language part of the new GCSE in English language will be assessed and graded.

The exams regulator body is asking for feedback on how pupils will take the exams – including the option for teachers to carry out the assessment and provide video evidence of the test to exam boards.

The grade for the spoken language assessment will remain separate from the grade for the written exam.

The changes will be brought in from this September, for exams in summer 2017.

Chief regulator Glenys Stacey said: “It is so important that young people are able to communicate well, and that their communication skills are assessed fairly.

“At the same time, any test must be manageable for schools, and I am pleased today to announce the new testing arrangements, designed to be both manageable and fair.”

The proposals include how to implement the following decisions:

– Spoken language exams assessed by teachers (or exam boards if necessary)

– Three levels which a pupil can achieve – pass, merit or distinction. If the standard is not met, a pupil will receive a “not classified”. These levels will be awarded on a “non-marks based approach”

– The exam being taken in a formal setting with an audience

– Submission of audio/visual recordings of a sample of assessments to exam boards for monitoring

– The result of spoken language assessment cannot go towards the result for the written exam

– The spoken language result can be carried forward, if a retake is needed for the written exam

The deadline for comments is July 2.

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