We liked the name Academies Week, but many of you did not. Rightly, you said it excluded lots of the schools we write about. The name also confused because it looked like we favoured one school type over another – when we actually do impartial reporting

So, we’re changing it.

From Friday, January 9 2015, we will be called Schools Week.

Everything else in the paper will stay the same. You’ll get the same investigative reporting, thought-provoking opinions and informative round-ups about what is happening in education.

And you’ll get that sent to your door, every week, for the introductory price of just £25.

We simply won’t be doing it under a name that’s not quite right. Instead our new name will reflect that we write useful stories in an impartial and determined way so people all across the whole school sector are fully informed.

We’re really excited about this change and hope you will be too. Oh, and keep hold of those Academies Week mugs. They’ll be collector’s items one day.