More than 120 educators helped to launch a new centre for post-14 education and work by the UCL Institution of Education last week.

Held at the Institute of Education, attendees at the event heard how the centre aims to support improvement in post-14 education and “stimulate debate around the relationship between education, working life, and active citizenship”.

The centre will undertake research in a number of areas, including technical and vocational education and training, and adult skills, community and lifelong learning.

Paul Grainger, co-director of the centre, said: “Each year I tell my students that it has been a turbulent one for education and training, and each year it’s true.

“Stability is never on the agenda. It’s the price that education and training providers pay of being part of a dynamic, responsive sector.

“It is important that there is a strong academic, research and development centre dedicated to further and continuing education – professional, vocational, community and work-based learning are fundamental to local prosperity, and a better understanding of how they relate to employment and productivity levels is vital.”

You can join the centre’s network at here.

Pic: Education select committee chair Neil Carmichael at the launch event

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