Men are paid 8% more and get 20% larger bonuses at Ofsted

Ofsted has revealed that men in its organisation are paid on average 8.1 per cent more than women.

Bonuses at the organisation are also heavily weighted in favour of men, who receive on average £196, or 20.6 per cent more than women.

Of Ofsted’s total workforce, 63 per cent are women. This is higher than the average for the rest of the civil service, which is 54 per cent, and higher than the UK average of 51 per cent.

Under new rules that came in last April, employers with 250 or more employees must publish details of their gender pay gap.

Despite making up almost two thirds of Ofsted’s workforce, women make up just over half of top earners at the watchdog.

Ofsted’s publication, released this morning, shows that women make up 64 per cent of employees in the lower pay quartile and 65 per cent of those in the lower middle pay quartile.

They also make up 68 per cent of those in the upper-middle pay quartile, but just 54 per cent of employees in the upper pay quartile.

Ofsted said that although there are more women than men in almost all pay grades, there are more women in junior roles, which attract lower pay.

The watchdog’s average pay gap of 8.1 per cent is lower than the civil service average of 11 per cent, according to the Office for National Statistics.

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