Lib Dems Education Pledges: the complete list

The Liberal Democrat Party launched their manifesto this morning. Here is the complete list of education pledges.


Driving up school standards:

The party say they will:

– Protect the education budget in real terms from the early years to age 19.

– Protect the schools’ Pupil Premium in real terms and introduce a fair National Funding Formula.

– Provide support and intervention to ensure that all schools become good or outstanding.

– Expand the Talented Head Teachers programme.

– Increase the number of Teaching Schools.

– Ensure there is a democratically accountable ‘middle tier’ to support  schools where problems are identified.

– Introduce a local Head Teacher Board, working with schools and local authorities.

– Abolish unelected Regional School Commissioners.

– Rule out state-funded profit-making schools.

– Give local authorities responsibility for local school-place planning.

– Only fund new mainstream schools in areas where school places are needed.

– Repeal the rule that all new state-funded schools must be free schools or academies.

– Allow local authorities to select the school sponsor, where this is not the local authority itself.

– Ensure a fair local schools admissions process.

– Implement the Children’s Commissioner’s report They Go The Extra Mile

– Extend free school meals to all children in primary education.


We will ensure there is world-class teaching

The party say they will:

– Guarantee all teachers in state-funded schools will be fully qualified or working towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from September 2016.

– Introduce a clear and properly funded entitlement to professional development for all teachers.

– Raise the bar for entry to the profession, requiring a B grade minimum in GCSE maths and English.

– Establish a new profession-led Royal College of Teachers, eventually to oversee QTS and professional development.

– Continue to support the Teach First programme.

– Establish a new National Leadership Institute.

– Encourage primary schools to have at least one science specialist.


On curriculum and qualifications:

The party say they will:

– Ensure the core curriculum will be taught at every state-funded school.

– Establish an independent Educational Standards Authority (ESA) entirely removed from Ministerial interference responsible for curriculum and examination standards.

– Introduce a minimum curriculum entitlement – a slimmed down core national curriculum, which will be taught in all state-funded schools. This will include PSHE, financial literacy, first aid and emergency lifesaving skills, citizenship, and age-appropriate sex and relationship education.

– Religious education will be included in the core curriculum.

– Improve careers advice in schools and colleges.


For Special Education Needs (SEN) the party will:

– Improve the identification of SEN and disability at the earliest possible stage.

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