Parents now have new tools to help their children get ready for the world of work.

LifeSkills, set up by Barclays, is a set of resources that provide practical support and advice about employability skills that parents can pass on to their children.

The resources include videos and first-hand tips from other parents. They were developed following feedback on what parents said they most needed help with in preparing their child for their future careers.

Research by LifeSkills reveals that 71 per cent of parents are concerned about their children’s working lives, while two thirds (68 per cent) admit to not understanding the options available to young people after school.

Kirstie Mackey, head of LifeSkills, says: “When it comes to finding work after education, young people instinctively turn to their parents for advice, including the skills that employers will look for.

“With two thirds of parents feeling uncomfortable or unprepared to give this advice, there is clear need for greater support.”

Go to for guidance that includes how to find work experience and how to make a good online impression to potential employers.


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