Schools Week senior reporter Alix Robertson was joined at WISE 2017 by Tom Sherrington, an author and former headteacher with nearly 30 years’ experience in schools.

Tom became a reporter in his own right for the two-day conference, attending sessions and carrying out interviews with delegates from different countries and areas of education.

You can read all about his encounters on pages four, six, 10 and 11, and find two insightful blogs he has written at the conference at
And if you have any time left over, you can also check out his book, The Learning Rainforest.


Alix and Tom

On November 15 and 16 Schools Week went global, flying out to Doha in Qatar, to cover the World Innovation Summit for Education 2017.

The event was a departure from our usual UK stomping grounds, but yielded a wealth of interesting ideas and insights about teaching and learning from around the world.

We kick off with our coverage on page three, where you can find out about the history of WISE and hear chief executive Stavros Yiannouka’s views on this year’s event.

Page four introduces you to the first in a series of interviews with Tom Sherrington and some of WISE’s top attendees – the rest can be found on pages six, 10, and 11.

The opening ceremony discussion, on ‘Education in a post-truth world’, is explored on page five, along with a panel debate on ‘Teachers: transforming roles in changing times’, chaired by the multi-talented Mr Sherrington himself.

Then on page seven, Sir Michael Barber, a former advisor to Tony Blair, sheds light on what it takes to deliver successful reform in education systems.

Page seven also delves into the world of behavioural science, exploring how “nudges” can be used to encourage positive choices in education.

On pages 12 and 13 you can read about the incredible projects that scooped a WISE Award this year, and also find out who topped them all by winning the WISE prize for education 2017.

WISE commissions new research into education every year, and the 13 papers produced for the 2017 summit are explored on page 14.

Also on page 14, the closing ceremony wraps up with a debate on the importance of valuing knowledge in modern society.

And finally on page 15, delegates tell you all about their experiences at the event.

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