Teenagers across England will find out the results of their GCSEs tomorrow.

Every year, Schools Week takes an alternative approach to reporting pupil success stories.

Usually, we focus uniquely on those who attend secondary modern schools – non-selective schools that recruit from the same neighbourhood as grammar schools. We do this, not to ‘condone’ a selective school system, but to share the diverse stories of pupils turned down by one school at 11, who went on and succeeded at another.

This year, we’re continuing that focus, but also extending the invitation to pupils with non-traditional success stories, from schools with a comprehensive intake.

What we’re looking for

Students who, through their own hard work and determination, achieved what for them are exceptional results.

They might have a particular challenge they had to overcome or sacrifice they had to make to achieve them.

Do the results have to be all 8s and 9s?

No! We’re looking for stories of pupils who worked hard to beat the odds.

As a school teacher or leader, you know what is truly exceptional for your students. If you have a pupil who was predicted 4s, and slogged away to achieve all 7s, we want to hear about that too!

What you’ll need to send

  • A photo of the student
  • Student’s full name and age
  • Grades achieved
  • A brief description of the challenges they overcame
  • Any other relevant background, e.g. predicted grades, plans for next year
  • A quote from the student (and/or a way for us to contact them)
  • Name of your school
  • School type (e.g. secondary modern/comprehensive/special)
  • Any key information about your school that you think is relevant to the story
  • Phone numbers for us to speak to key contact people (e.g. headteacher or senior leader and/or communications lead) in case we want to find out more about your school

How to get in touch

If you fit the above description and want to share your school’s experiences on results day, please email alix.robertson@schoolsweek.co.uk, call me on 020 3051 4286 or contact me on Twitter @AlixRobertson4.

We will be publishing the 2018 GCSE results on our website from 9:30 am and will provide you with some analysis of how things have gone this year throughout the day.

We look forward from hearing you and wish everyone the best for tomorrow!

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