Here are tables of this year’s GCSE maths results for candidates of all ages in the UK compared with previous years.

*This page was updated at 10:57 on 24 August with the correct table titles: UK instead of England. The data has stayed the same.

Maths GCSE results 2017

Maths GCSE results 2017 (cumulative)

Percentage of pupils who achieved (at least) each grade

Maths GCSE 2017 vs 2016* (grade bands)

*The 2016 figures are for England; the 2017 figures are for the UK. However, the 2017 include very few entrants from outside England as state schools in Wales and Northern Ireland have not adopted the new GCSEs.



Green: Higher than previous year

Orange: Same as previous year

Red: Lower than previous year


Here’s where to find all our GCSE 2017 subject tables

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