Jess Staufenberg

  • Discovery Learning trust has funding axed after pupil forgotten on school trip

    A single academy trust will have its government funding terminated for good after its only school was plunged into special measures and also left a pupil behind on a school trip. Discovery Learning, which runs the specialist science and technology Discovery School in Newcastle, will have its government funding cut off on 31 August. Janet

    13.36 Aug. 10th, 2018 | News

  • Black pupils less likely to get places at church schools than white pupils, research shows

    Pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds and disadvantaged pupils are less likely to gain a place at church schools than their white British counterparts, new research reveals. For the first time, the demographic backgrounds of families and their school choices have been analysed. Researchers at Lancaster University were commissioned by the government to analyse parental school

    17.02 Aug. 9th, 2018 | News

  • Mental health reforms don't realise school is source of poor well-being, say pupils

    Planned reforms to mental health services do not acknowledge that school itself is a huge cause of poor mental health for young people, pupils have warned. Pupils at three organisations involved in mental health, Young Minds, Youth Access and the National Children’s Bureau, were commissioned by the Department for Health and Social Care to give

    11.00 Aug. 9th, 2018 | News

  • Revealed: Harris school praised by ministers 'overaided' pupils in SATs

    A Harris primary school held up by ministers as a shining example of academisation “overaided” pupils in their SATs, an investigation has concluded. Pupils at Harris Academy Philip Lane in north London were given too much help in their English reading and maths reasoning SATs papers, the Standards and Testing Agency has decided. Now year

    11.31 Aug. 8th, 2018 | News

  • Citizenship fee causes schools to miss out on pupil premium cash

    Schools are missing out on millions of pounds in pupil premium cash because their poorest children cannot afford British citizenship, Schools Week can exclusively reveal. About 120,000 pupils in the UK are estimated not to have British citizenship despite many of them being born in the country. This is because their parents are not yet

    15.10 Aug. 7th, 2018 | News

  • Doomed school improvement fund ignored 'big black hole' in the north of England

    England’s two northernmost counties were overlooked for government school improvement cash because ministers are too focused on the region’s large towns and cities, it has been claimed. Michael Merrick, a deputy headteacher from Carlisle, said Cumbria and Northumberland should in future be treated as their own “bespoke region” so they do not lose out to

    12.58 Aug. 2nd, 2018 | News

  • Disadvantaged pupils get just 4.5% of grammar school places

    The most disadvantaged pupils secured just 4.5 per cent of all grammar school places last year. Data collected by anti-selection campaign group Comprehensive Future shows that of 12,341 places available at 80 grammar schools across England last September, just 564 were offered to pupils who attract pupil premium funding. In fact, there were 22 grammar

    15.00 Aug. 1st, 2018 | News

  • Poorest pupils three times more likely to be out of work by late 20s

    The poorest pupils in year 11 are three times more likely than their wealthier peers to be on out-of-work benefits nine years after leaving school, new data reveals. The Department for Education has published a report which for the first time examines the progress of vulnerable school leavers in the labour market by the age

    10.49 Jul. 31st, 2018 | News

  • Pupils in Birmingham, London and north-east targeted for summer holiday food clubs

    Thousands of poorer pupils will be targeted by projects that will provide food and activities throughout the summer holidays. The government has revealed that seven providers will provide “enriching activities” in the north-east, Birmingham and London, by divvying  up a £2 million fund first announced in March. In January, ministers declined to back a private members’

    0.01 Jul. 27th, 2018 | News

  • School-led teacher training routes pull further ahead

    The proportion of trainee teachers that took the government’s favoured school-led route into the profession increased again last year, new figures have revealed. The Department for Education published initial teacher training statistics for 2016-17 this morning, and figures show the overall number of trainees gaining their QTS has remained stable at 91 per cent, the same

    11.37 Jul. 26th, 2018 | News

  • Only 'knowledge-rich' schools eligible for £2.4 million fund to reduce workload

    Only schools with a “knowledge-rich” curriculum will be able to apply for a multi-million pound funding pot that will find the best ways to reduce teacher workload and improve results. The Department for Education announced a £7.7 million “curriculum fund” over the next five years in January, saying it would allow schools to pilot ways of

    10.25 Jul. 26th, 2018 | News