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  • The programme placing social workers in schools

    A DfE programme is placing social workers directly in schools – and getting promising results. Schools love it, but what about their new staff member? Jess Staufenberg investigates One set of statistics has made for particularly alarming reading in Whitehall in recent years. The number of pupils needing involvement from social services has been climbing

    11.51 Jul. 7th, 2020 | Features

  • Lockdown diary. A week in the life of...

    It’s all give, give, give, but the gratification is forever delayed in this week’s lockdown diary from David Phillips   Monday 22 June We discuss the September curriculum, but we are awaiting the government update Key worker provision continues and year 10 and 12 students are starting their second week. Faculty leaders discuss structuring the

    5.00 Jul. 4th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Flexible governance is key to solving MAT problems

    Many trusts have proved that they are able to cope with the unpredictable – and the flexibility within their structure has helped them, says Sam Henson The pandemic has taught us much about school accountability, but also about the flexibilities school structures give to organisations that need to act quickly and effectively. Across the country,

    5.00 Jul. 6th, 2020 | Opinion

  • There are no shortcuts on the road to recovery

    Our Derbyshire primary-only trust’s return to school programme has attracted international attention from every phase, writes Matthew Crawford Our trust of nine primaries across Derbyshire began to plan early on for supporting children on their return to school after lockdown. That work has resulted in the “reconnection to recovery and resilience programme” that has garnered

    5.00 Jul. 5th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Training is key to ensuring better blended learning

    Blended learning is likely to be the norm for some time, says Vikas Pota. So let’s help teachers understand what their new reality will be I’ve spent the best part of the past decade thinking about how we improve teacher status. This is why, in part, I established an annual global prize for teachers, to

    5.00 Jul. 4th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Pupils on the margins and how we can support them

    “Children in need” is a broad term that refers to children who come into contact with social services, including those formally taken into care. It wasn’t until I began researching the children’s social care system for CfEY’s forthcoming book Young People on the Margins that I realised the scale and breadth of the challenges they

    5.00 Jul. 6th, 2020 | Opinion

  • Review: Succeeding as a head of year

    Heidi Drake finds a book whose relevance goes far beyond the role it is designed for I have found myself at a career crossroads this academic year. Do I go down the pastoral or subject-based route? As an English teacher, it makes sense to approach this problem like I do every other in my life;

    5.00 Jul. 5th, 2020 | Reviews

  • Penny's Podcasts, 29 June 2020

    Rights-respecting schools, bringing civil rights into the classroom, the post-COVID curriculum, recovery in special schools and home learning before the internet are Penny Rabiger’s top picks of the edu podcast topics   MoreTeacherTalk podcast @moreteachertalk MoreTeacherTalk describes itself as devoted to producing podcasts that give teachers a voice, sharing insights that can lead to powerful

    5.00 Jul. 4th, 2020 | Reviews

  • The School that Tried to End Racism (episode 2)

    Marie Gentles reviews episode 2 of the series that’s tackling unconscious bias in year 7 pupils As a black teacher and mother of two, my initial response to the programme’s title was “wow”. I was deeply sceptical about its impact on an important message at a crucial moment. But I was pleasantly surprised, and felt

    19.38 Jul. 2nd, 2020 | Reviews

  • Our collective effort will make a full autumn return possible

    Working together, teachers, leaders and government will make a success of this critical return to full education provision from the autumn, writes Nick Gibb Over the past few weeks, our country has begun the slow journey back to recovery from the awful effects of the virus. It has not been easy and we still have

    11.54 Jul. 2nd, 2020 | Opinion

  • A surprising convergence shows teachers’ desire to rebuild better

    New survey data shows divergences in the experiences of schools according to deprivation and some important convergences about what needs to change, writes Gemma Moss One of the more remarkable side effects of the Covid 19 crisis has been the clear light it has shone on child poverty in the UK. Perhaps at last we

    13.35 Jul. 1st, 2020 | Opinion