• Robin Conway's top blogs of Jan 2019

    Our blog reviewer of the week is Robin Conway, who is director of research and innovation at John Mason School @JMSREFLECT Forming good habits, breaking bad habits: what works? @HFletcherWood Harry Fletcher-Wood’s work is always engagingly written and combines relevant educational or psychological research with practical advice. This blog is true to form as he

    5.00 Jan. 26th, 2019 | Reviews

  • Jon Hutchinson's top blogs of the week 7 Jan 2018

    Reflections of 2018 Pt1: Great Yarmouth Charter Academy: pinnacle of teaching @naveenfrizvi Like so many of us, Naveen Rizvi has been reflecting on 2018. Giving an insider’s view of the controversial Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, she avoids the bombast and reveals how it was “the best school I ever worked at”. What made teaching there

    5.00 Jan. 12th, 2019 | Reviews