• Angela Rayner at Labour party conference 2019

    My, but Angela Rayner is a canny political operator. Early on a Sunday morning, not a high point for crowd engagement, even at party conferences. The delegates had been whipped into a fervour by discussions of motions from the conference arrangements committee, and then a fairly somnolent speech from the leader of Welsh Labour. The

    13.43 Sep. 23rd, 2019 | Reviews

  • The 4 schools policies in Angela Rayner's Labour conference speech

    Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, has addressed the Labour Party conference in Brighton. In a short speech, Rayner announced a number of policies that her party will enact if it wins power in a forthcoming general election. Here are the schools policies she announced.   1. Integration of private schools – but no commitment

    10.58 Sep. 22nd, 2019 | LPC, News, Politics