• How long do A level exam remarks take? From five days… to 22!

    Note: This is a story from 2015 – the 2018 information on A-level re-marks is here. A level exam remarks took up to 22 days last year, figures released by Ofqual show – a sobering reminder for nervous candidates ahead of this week’s results. The figures released by exam regulator Ofqual relate to the summer

    19.00 Aug. 11th, 2015 | Exam results, News

  • How do examiners decide grades?

    The exams are finished and GCSE and A-level students are heading off for summer. But there are 12 weeks – and a lot of work – from “pens down” to results day Did you hear that noise? It’s the sound of thousands of students collectively breathing a sigh of relief. If April is the cruellest

    7.30 Jul. 12th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Vocational qualifications don’t need more ‘rigour’

    Despite the many flaws, teachers must act with integrity when delivering and assessing the constantly changing BTECs The BTEC qualification causes many anxieties for many teachers. It is perpetually changing, not least because of the desire of consecutive education secretaries to “bring more rigour” to vocational education. There are some egregious faults as a result

    7.30 May. 3rd, 2015 | Opinion

  • To Google, or not to Google: that is the question

    Exam time is looming. As the weeks of revision draw to an end, thousands of students will soon be sitting in rows in large exam rooms, ready to pick up their pens and to turn over their papers. “You may begin!” It’s 2015. How much longer can pen and paper exams be the only medium

    17.24 Apr. 30th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Governor's Corner: How we are tackling the A level changes

    Exam reforms have prompted a Northampton school to construct a new extended enrichment curriculum for year 12 students The rushed reform of A-levels in England has presented school leaders and governors with real headaches. At the most basic, these pains are about what courses to offer and what advice to give year 11 students about their

    6.30 Feb. 28th, 2015 | Opinion

  • Why linear A-levels will work best

    Recoupling will snatch what space there is in the post-16 curriculum to teach skills that are no longer examined, giving pupils the space to explore subject areas that they’re interested in As a senior leader and English teacher, the removal of coursework meant an end to the relentless chasing of year 11s for those essays

    7.30 Jan. 17th, 2015 | Opinion

  • A-level decoupling: who’s going to benefit?

    A-level reform will leave sixth-form students facing increasingly difficult curriculum decisions and decreased attainment. Change is an inevitability that all teachers have become accustomed to in recent years. Adapting to survive and remain competitive is a necessity. A-level reform, in particular A-level decoupling, is the latest in a raft of government-led changes intended to increase

    7.30 Nov. 9th, 2014 | Opinion