Here are the trends in business studies GCSE grades for 2019.

This is the first year of results for the reformed business studies GCSE, meaning it is more difficult to compare results with last year as it is now graded on the 9-1 system.

However, the data shows an increase in the proportion of pass grades this year. A total of 18 per cent of results were grade 7 or above, equivalent to the old A*-A which made up 17.3 per cent of results last year. And 47.6 per cent of results were between grades 4 and 6, equivalent to the old B-C grades which made up 47 per cent of results last year.

Entries in the subject have risen significantly, from 83,923 last year to 89,067 this year.

The data for the results is based only on 16-year-olds in England. The entries data is England all ages.

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GCSE Business Studies results

GCSE Business Studies results comparison

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  1. Lisette Cole

    Why is it my 16 yr old daughter got a high A in her Business Studies mock, was predicted an A, always achieved As in class then came out with a low B (ie a 5)??!! She got 1 A**, 6 A*s and a B (6) for Maths which was as expected but then a low B(5) for Business?? Something has gone wrong with the marking here. She did the NXL board whereas all the rest were with AQA. 18% Grade 7-9 that seems very low!! I am certainly questioning this grade. Please provide some feedback. I will be looking to have this re-marked. It was one of her A-level choices but we will have re-think this now!!